For toxic or high-potent products

Exposure to toxic high-potent products


Innovative systems for the encapsulation of toxic powder by low flow water mist

Despite adhering to strict compliance with production procedures and the use of PPEs, it is very difficult to ensure that operator clothing would be free of toxic product particles on exiting a production area.

In addition, there will always be maintenance or cleaning tasks in which product exposure will probably be a greater risk.

It is precisely when the operator is progressively removing their personal protective equipment and clothing that upmost attention must be given to minimize possible exposure.


This is why the MLR 750 unit has been developed.


The cabin is a self-supporting system easy to install.


  • The cabin with 2 access laminated glass doors  with gasket inflated seals with interlocks
  • One HMI operator interface unit ,easy to use
  • Interior design in stainless steel 304
  • Exterior design in Acrylic Stone
  • A Plc control system with full automation controls
  • A Waste evacuation chute
  • A pressure control system integrated to the main HVAC of your containment area
  • LED colour system inside the cabin
  •  A CIP system for cleaning the equipment after each cycle. With a rotating sprayy bowl
  • Filters or connection to the HVAC


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