For Vaccines Manufacturers : some of  ACTINI Biowaste Decontamination are available on stock. This may be useful for the new productions requirements for Covid 19, we also do lease some of our equipment’s .

For Hospitals , we can manufacture and supply on short lead time ,yellow clinical waste bin washers. Again to assist with the Covid 19 situation. 


Biowaste Decontamination for Labs and Production


Shower Mist 

Decontamination airlock


Drum Washers

Flexible Hose Washers

Parts Washers

Innovative Standard Systems  

Our purpose is to work closely with our partners in view of supplying standard systems adapted to customers specific requirements in the Uk. We actively get involved in the design of new products or improvements . We will always be looking for innovative approach or products.    


For the last 30 years UBI Systems has been supplying control systems solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry.


In 2004, UBI became Agents for ACTINI, specializing in the treatment of liquid biological waste. We since have been very successful in supplying systems to numerous Biomanufacturing facilities , institutes , universities ....


In 2012, came the opportunity for us to extend our service to the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry by introducing innovative High pressure wash systems,


We recently introduced high containment systems in collaboration with the Albian Group, including an innovative decontamination shower for toxic powders, airlock showers, air showers. We also supply gasket inflated seal doors and pass through boxes, GRP doors



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